Dr. David Naisbitt has dedicated his entire professional life to the advancement of implant dentistry and to public awareness of the remarkable benefits now available to people suffering from tooth loss.

His contribution to Implant Dentistry spans 26 years. Through his tireless commitment to this life improving technology, Dr. Naisbitt now ranks among the most productive and successful oral implant surgeons of the late 20th and early 21st Century.

Dr. Naisbitt has surgically placed more than 19000 oral implants and designed, fitted and delivered over 8000 implant prosthetics for more than 5000 patients, foreign and domestic, since 1984, when he limited his practice to oral implant surgery and oral implant prosthetics exclusively.

Over 90% of Dr. Naisbitt's patients required complex full arch or full mouth reconstruction. His patients presented with major trauma, untreatable dental disease, loss of all teeth and dental bone, oral cancer and handicaps requiring innovative treatment planning.

Dr. Naisbitt has provided one on one consulting services for hundreds of dentists nationally who wanted to improve their skills in complex case consultation.

Dr. Naisbitt created "Direct Access Dental Implant Marketing" based on his years of writing, directing and producing television commercials and highly targeted print ads and venues; which are the gold standard for dental implant marketing today.